3 Rockies Players who won't be back in 2024

With the Rockies season officially coming to an end, the offseason begins now. Moving forward, I decided to look at what players will not return next year.
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2. Elias Diaz

Elías Díaz
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A name that probably no fan wants to see on this list is Elias Diaz. From a clutch home run in the MLB All-Star game last July and becoming the first player on the Rockies to ever win the All-Star Game MVP, while leading the team in batting average of .267 to being a fan favorite and the heart and soul of the Rockies, Diaz could very well be traded this offseason.

Leading up to the trade deadline this year, Diaz's name was often thrown around and garnered interest from a variety of teams like the San Diego Padres and Tampa Bay Rays, I would have to assume he will get traded this offseason.

As I mentioned earlier, the Rockies are a young team that will be better next year but might not be good enough to make the playoffs. The decision to move Diaz to another team for a full season could pay off in the long run for the Rockies.

With young Catcher Drew Romo on the horizon of making the MLB roster next year and Diaz set to be a free agent next year, this increases the chance that Diaz will depart from the Rockies only quicker.

According to MLB.com, Romo is ranked as the Rockies ninth prospect in their organization. Romo was even called up to AAA before the year ended and played in four games. Last season in the minors, Romo slashed .254/.321/.372 with 13 home runs, 19 doubles and 51 RBI's.

If we learned anything from this season, it's that let the kids play and unfortunately, Diaz could end up biting the dust from this ideology.

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