3 Rockies hitters who have helped themselves this spring, 1 who hasn't

It's been a tough spring for this outfielder

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With spring comes a lot of surprises, both good and bad. The Rockies have had a surprisingly good spring this year and look to be a pretty exciting team, though uncompetitive.

We are just days away from Opening Day where we will get to see this team come together. We should get to see a team full of a few veterans that will look to lead the team and quite a few youngsters looking to make a name for themselves in the league.

This spring we were hoping to see a few guys step up and prove that they are going to become key fixtures for this team. Today, we take a look at three hitters who have really helped themselves this spring, while we examine how one player has really hurt their themselves so far.

Brendan Rodgers, facing a tough season, has shown this could be a huge year

Rodgers may very well be entering a make-or-break year for the Rockies. The second baseman, and former top pick, is only under contract through next year, and the team has top prospect, Adael Amador, banging down the door to join the youth movement.

Rodgers is fighting for his spot with the Rockies and has done a great job of it heading into 2024. He has gotten off to a great start this spring, with 16 hits in 15 games, slashing .390/.432/.463. Rodgers only has three extra base hits, but that should even out, given his power output in the past as well as returning to Coors Field. Rodgers, in a make-or-break year, has really helped himself out this spring and with a solid year could leave the Rockies with a very good problem to have.

Ryan McMahon has shown an ability to cut back on the strikeouts

One of the staples in the Rockies franchise, and one of a few holdovers from the last Rockies playoff team, Ryan McMahon has frustrated a lot of fans. After a couple of years, putting up 2.5-3.0 fWAR seasons, he was worth just 1.2 wins last year. His strikeout rate skyrocketed to nearly 32% last year and his wRC+ had dropped 7-8 points versus the previous two years.

Fans are really hoping one of their favorite players can bounce back after receiving a nice extension, just two years ago. He is showing signs of that this spring, hitting .372/.438/.558. He has just one home run but has four extra base-hits in 43 at-bats. He looks a lot more comfortable at the plate; perhaps the most impressively is his significant change in the strikeout department. This spring, his strikeout rate is all the way down to 20.83%. I know it's spring, but "Mac" has shown that he can cut that strikeout rate down, even if it does creep back up into the mid-to-high 20's, McMahon could be staring down a big bounce back year.