3 moves the Rockies need to make to turn the season around

It's time the Rockies make some changes
Colorado Rockies v Toronto Blue Jays
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Cut back Kris Bryant's playing time... a lot

This is without a doubt the one that the Rockies, and Bud Black need to do (or should have done a week ago). Bryant just doesn't look like a major league level hitter right now. The former MVP continues to disappoint fans as he is again plagued with a lingering injury and can't produce.

The surface level stats are awful for Bryant and it's not surprising why fans are upset with the performance of the right-handed slugger. Bryant has the sixth most plate appearances, having played in all but three of the team's games. During that time Bryant has spent time hitting second, third, fourth and fifth in the lineup, yet he is one of the biggest liabilities this team could trot out at first base or right field.

At this point, you just have to bite the bullet on the Bryant contract. You cannot let it hinder you from letting some of the young players that you have develop, however. Elehuris Montero and Michael Toglia are both young players with an immense amount of talent. They both actually have a shot at being legit contributors when this team is (hopefully) contending again. Bryant should be playing in about three games a week, while Toglia and Montero need to be playing a majority of the games to show what they can do.