3 minor-league signings the Rockies should make to fuel spring training competition

Though the Rockies have been inactive, they could make some low-risk minor league signings that could prove valuable come summertime.
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Mike Zunino

The Rockies catcher position in 2023 was actually one of the brighter spots for the team. The Rockies catcher, Elias Diaz ended up as an All-Star (actually winning the All-Star game MVP). That's not to say the catcher position is in a great spot heading into 2024 though, with a lot of questions marks. If Diaz can repeat his 2023 success, the Rockies could look to take advantage and move him at the trade deadline, opening up a spot on the major league roster.

See some highlights from Zunino's tremendous power, courtesy of Andrew Johnston

The logical fit here might be top prospect, Drew Romo, but if he isn't quite ready for the major leagues, having a top defender, with serious offensive upside would be very valuable to have. Zunino has been one of the best defensive catchers in the game while having some up and down offensive seasons. In 2021, Zunino was worth 4.5 fWAR with 33 home runs and a 133 wRC+ (even earning some MVP votes). Adding someone with that upside, but a very high floor as a defensive minded catcher could be a low risk move for the Rockies that could allow them to take advantage of Diaz's value come summertime.