3 Rockies who will make the Opening Day roster but won't last the season

We should see a few top prospects debut this year, these debuts could force these 3 players out of Colorado.
New York Yankees v Colorado Rockies
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Elias Diaz

Remember talking about how at the trade deadline the most valuable commodity is starting pitching, well a solid catcher, at an affordable financial cost, is a pretty valuable asset as well. Austin Hedges was the only catcher that was dealt at the deadline last year and he is far inferior offensively that Diaz. Hedges fetched some international bonus pool money, a similar path the Rockies could go with their recent success on the international market.

Capitalizing on the catcher market could be a good move for the Rockies as Diaz is on a one-year deal and they will most likely let him go in free agency to make room for their top catching prospect, Drew Romo. Romo has done a great job defensively throughout his time in the minor leagues, but his success as just a 21-year-old switch-hitting catcher has been impressive. I would expect Romo to start in Double-A or possibly Triple-A, but come summertime, the Rockies should look to maximize their value out of Diaz and open the door for Romo.