2 Winners and 2 Losers from the first month of Rockies baseball

Let's recap the first month of Rockies baseball
2024 Mexico City Series - Houston Astros v Colorado Rockies
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Loser: The Rockies Health

The season is a long and torturing season for these players. 162 games is a lot to play in, especially when you factor in the limited full days off. A lot of the younger guys may be fine to play a whole year, but as your body gets older, this season just beats you up. Not to mention, the emphasis on velocity has ended a lot of pitchers' seasons with some serious arm injuries.

We all know the injuries that have plagued Kris Bryant; well, it continues again this year. Kris Bryant hit the injured list with a back injury and, though surgery hasn't been talked about, it doesn't seem like his return will be very soon. He has yet to resume baseball activities and seems like the Rockies should play this conservative and let him recover fully; it's not like they are making a push for the postseason and need his presence in the lineup.

Speaking of pitchers facing serious arm injuries, the Rockies lost staff ace, Kyle Freeland to a left elbow injury. The team seems pretty hush hush about this, which seems scary. That and his interview trashing the pitch clock, make it seem like Freeland knows this is a pretty serious injury. There is no timetable for this injury, and hopefully it's not another pitcher needing Tommy John, but the Rockies have been hampered with injuries to some of their star players.

One of those star players, will head to the injured list with a back injury. Rockies star, Nolan Jones, seemed like he wasn't himself to start this year, and it may have been because of a back injury that has landed him on the shelf with Kris Bryant. Jones's strikeout rate is up, and pretty much every offensive metric is down, including just one home run. Hopefully this is a short-term injury, but the Rockies should play it even more conservative with the young star.

The Rockies have been decimated by injuries to start this year; three of their stars have landed on the injured list with unknown timelines. Not to mention, these three injuries have all come in about a two week span, surprising a lot of fans and placing a lot of pressure on some of their younger, talented players.