2 Winners and 2 Losers from the first month of Rockies baseball

Let's recap the first month of Rockies baseball
2024 Mexico City Series - Houston Astros v Colorado Rockies
2024 Mexico City Series - Houston Astros v Colorado Rockies / Hector Vivas/GettyImages
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On the surface the 2024 season has largely been disappointing. Many fans had tempered their expectations coming into this year, but we knew we could count on a few offensive players and maybe some exciting defense both in the infield as well as in the outfield (with upwards of five potential Gold Glove level winners), but even that has been relatively mute. The Rockies have been pretty bad in almost every facet of the game, and it seems like fans are in for another long season.

We have said numerous times that the success of this season won't be dependent upon wins and losses, but rather the development and growth the prospects as well as some of the young, major-league talent we already get to see.

Unfortunately, the Rockies have seen a number of injuries to very important players that have seemingly opened the door for some of the youngsters to take advantage of. This could be a sort of blessing in disguise as it gives Bud Black and Bill Schmidt a good look at what they might have heading into the 2024 and 2025 seasons and beyond.

In a month that has been an emotional roller coaster with blow outs like the one to start the year against the Diamondbacks, as well as the most recent five-run comeback against the Padres, fueled by a six-run inning we take a look at three winners and two losers from this month of baseball.