Have the Rockies reached "Rox bottom" already?

With Kris Bryant out and Freeland joining him on the Injured List, have the Rockies bottomed out this season?
Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies
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With the news that Kris Bryant is heading to the Injured List, is it safe to assume that the Rockies have bottomed out this season? As I write this the Rockies record is 4-16 with little hope on the horizon that things will turn about. Fresh off a complete game shutout in Philly, the Rockies offense is sputtering, and their pitching situation is not much better. Fans shouldn't be surprised about the pitching situation; however, they should be somewhat surprised that the Rockies offense hasn’t shown up yet.

Traditionally, the Rockies usually play their best baseball early in the season but, so far this season has been a real stinker. Offensively the Rockies can’t seem to get a timely hit with men on base and their strikeouts are becoming a real problem. Toglia is hitting balls out of the park but that’s it, his strikeout rate is still too high, and he can’t seem to figure out both sides of the plate. Nolan Jones is mired in a slump right now, but that’s not as concerning as the $182 million man hitting the IL again. 

Nolan Jones, Elias Díaz
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The largest free agent contract the Rockies have every given out seems to be one of the worst mistakes the Rockies have ever made.  Considering the Rockies history, that’s a big problem, because they have made some really bad decisions in the past. Kris Bryant seems to be unable to stay healthy and even when he is on the field, the results are less than stellar. Unfortunately, there is no way out of Bryant’s contract, and I don’t see a trade market for someone who can’t stay healthy, let alone hit at Coors Field.

Colorado is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Bryant, I just hope they do something other than run him out there every day when he is healthy in hopes of getting some return on their investment. The Rockies can always take a page out of the Broncos playbook and cut their losses, like with Russel Wilson, before Bryant takes up a roster spot that one of our prospects could use. I haven’t seen baseball this bad in Colorado since 2003 when they played so bad my family got rid of the season tickets because we couldn’t give the tickets away. 

Apr 11, 2024; Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA; Denver Pioneers players celebrate forward Tristan Broz's
Apr 11, 2024; Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA; Denver Pioneers players celebrate forward Tristan Broz's / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

If the Rockies continue down this path to another hundred loss season, the only thing fans can do is stop going to Coors Field. The only way to send a message to the Monfort’s is to hit them where it hurts and that’s in the pocketbook. Unfortunately, there is really no other way to go about it, nothing is going to change if people continue flock down to 20th and Blake on the regular. The only way ownership is going to change anything is if their coffers start dwindling because people are sick and tired of paying to watch a product that is not worth their money. For now, I guess we can celebrate DU winning the NCAA Championship in hockey and support the Nuggets and Avalanche as they make runs in the playoffs. 

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