3 things we want for the Colorado Rockies from Santa Claus

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Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies

17 Jun 2001: Larry Walker #33 of the Colorado Rockies at bat during the game against the Cincinnati Reds at Wrigley Field in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Rockies defeated the Reds 4-2.Mandatory Credit: Mark Lyons /Allsport

Continued votes for Larry Walker for the Hall of Fame

There has been a surge in early voting for Larry Walker to reach Cooperstown. Now it’s a matter of that surge continuing.

Last season, Walker received votes on 54.6 percent of the ballots from Hall of Fame voters. It was a nice jump from the 34.1 percent the five-time All-Star and seven-time Gold Glove winner received in 2018.

Of course, that’s short of the 75 percent needed for election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. However, early projections are showing Walker could be inducted among baseball’s immortals in 2020.

It is going to take more voters putting Walker on their ballots in order for that to happen and for the Walker Wave to continue. So Santa, could you deliver some more of those votes along with the gifts you’re distributing?

Oh, and could you also make sure those who have a Coors Field bias and think one of the game’s 100 greatest players ever doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame end up on your naughty list?

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