Colorado Rockies: Hey Miami, we’ll take Justin Bour

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 1: Justin Bour. Getty Images.
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 1: Justin Bour. Getty Images. /
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ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 1: Justin Bour. Getty Images.
ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 1: Justin Bour. Getty Images. /

The Miami Marlins are shipping away the majority of their payroll and only time will tell who’s next.

For the Miami Marlins, the days of seeing Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, Dee Gordon, and Marcell Ozuna in Marlins’ uniforms are long gone as they look to rebuild the team from scratch. With Derek Jeter at the helm of the Marlins, there’s no telling what else will happen, but maybe they should consider a trade with the good ol’ Rockies.

Now I’m not saying that the Marlins are crazy for what they’re doing, but it’s going to be a while before they can contend. Due to that, why not continue with what you’re doing and entertain the idea of sending 1st baseman Justin Bour our way. I previously twiddled my thumbs over the idea of getting Christian Yelich, but look at what happened with that. Since Yelich was traded to the Brewers, I see no reason as to not go ahead and trade Bour. The Rockies would be more than overjoyed with it.

Why Bour?

Good question, and my answer is why not? This offseason has been more odd than any other the past few years. The Rockies have an open spot at first and haven’t really made any moves to fix that potential problem. Justin Bour should be a candidate to look at when it comes to 1st base.

Looking at his 2017 season, you can tell he’s doing a good job for his ball club. He posted a batting average of .289 with 25 home runs and 83 RBI. Bour puts up solid numbers, but perhaps, with the right team, he can do even better. When it comes to the Rockies defense is a big deal and Justin Bour is not a bad defender. He has been around average in the Defensive Runs Saved category in the past two seasons (-2 DRS but 0 in 2017). In UZR, or Ultimate Zone Rating, in 2017, he had a 2.2 (and zero is league average). That was fifth best in the National League among first basemen who played more than 800 innings at the position, according to Fangraphs.