Colorado Rockies: A possible trade for Christian Yelich?

MIAMI, FL - JULY 31: Christian Yelich
MIAMI, FL - JULY 31: Christian Yelich /
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After ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick talked with Christian Yelich‘s agent, Joe Longo, it’s clear that the Marlins may be looking to trade Yelich. What would be a great destination for him you ask. How about Colorado? It’s obvious that the Marlins are about to go into a rebuilding era, so the Rockies taking Christian Yelich off of Derek Jeter‘s hands may be a good thing.

Who would the Rockies trade for?

You may be wondering who could the Rockies trade to get Christian Yelich. Ian Desmond would be the prime candidate from the major league roster. Along with the fact that Ian Desmond is a good utility man that can play anywhere, this could come in handy for the Marlins.

For the Rockies trading Desmond would open up the payroll a bit and maybe allow them to go after a 1st baseman. Desmond, 32, was signed in 2016 to a 5 yrs/$70 million contract. Yelich on the other hand signed a contract back in 2015 for 7 yrs/$49.57 million. This would be considerably less than Desmond as well as the Rockies will be getting more years out of Yelich who is only 26. The Marlins could even use Desmond as a trade chip before the season or before the trade deadline.