Series Preview: Colorado Rockies vs Chicago Cubs

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Apr 12, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies center fielder C. Blackmon (19) singles in the first inning against the Chicago Cubs at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


This is the end of the road for…

Fill in the blank? Maybe the Rockies will trade somebody during this series in Chicago. Maybe not. Maybe it’ll be somebody huge! (Troy Tulowitzki?) Maybe it won’t. (Daniel Descalso?)

Either way, teams are auditioning players and scouting hard across the big leagues right now, and there are a lot of clubs who believe they need some help during the playoff push of the next two months. Some member of the Rockies who enters Wrigley Field on Monday night may leave before the team does Wednesday evening…

And the fifth starter will be…

We wrote about this yesterday afternoon in a post, and likely by the time this series preview goes up, we’ll (probably) have the answer, but the Rockies are going to need a starter by Tuesday night. Will it be Jon Gray time? Could it be Yohan Flande? Maybe Aaron Laffey or John Lannan? Ahhh, the possibilities are endless. And by endless, I mean… not at all inspiring.

Stay hot, Charlie Blackmon

Charlie Blackmon has been the table setter for the Rockies this season, and even more so in the past couple weeks (we all remember his walk off wild pitch winner on Friday night against the Reds). Can that continue on the road trip?

The Rockies never hit on the road (are you new here?), so it’s important to set the table at the top of the lineup and hope for happy accidents along the way as, most likely, the three-run homers aren’t coming.

Blackmon’s Friday night ninth inning bunt-then-steal-then-move-over-on-a-groundout-then-score-on-a-wild-pitch move was exactly what the Rockies need in order to put pressure on Cubs’ pitchers this series.

Who’s getting no-hit?!

The Cubs were just no-hit by Cole Hamels and the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday afternoon; which Rockies pitcher will no hit the club this week?!

Ha. Ha. Ha. Just kidding. Ok, let’s meet the Cubbies…

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