Future Colorado Rockies: Grand Junction Rockies July 20 Update

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You’d be insane not to vote for the Colorado Rockies’ rookie league affiliate Grand Junction Rockies for the Pioneer League All Star Game.

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If you haven’t voted yet for the baby Colorado Rockies in the Pioneer League All Star Game, what the hell, man? Go right here and learn how to do it — and then get on Twitter and vote. It takes, like, literally seventeen seconds to cast your vote, and you can do it through June 25.

Ok, let’s talk Grand Junction Rockies and the week that was for the Rockies’ rookie level affiliate on the Western Slope.

The last week (3-5): The baby Rox had a bizarre last seven days; after being rained out almost the entirety of the week before against the Helena Brewers, Grand Junction had to play back-to-back double headers last Wednesday and Thursday with the baby Brew Crew. They split both doubleheaders, which is probably about as good a situation as you can hope for with two teams playing a lot of innings like that.

Overall, entering play on Monday night, the GJ Rox now find themselves at 16-15 and three games back for the lead in the Pioneer League South division as the first half is quickly coming to a close.

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