Game Notes: Colorado Rockies Get Beat Bad In AZ


Apr 28, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks players look on as trainers to to pitcher Archie Bradley on the field after being hit in the face by a line drive in the second inning against the Colorado Rockies at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks faced off in game two of their three-game set Tuesday night in Arizona. 

After the Colorado Rockies hung on to a tight lead on Monday night, the club entered the game Tuesday with a chance to win the series and maintain a solid road record, as well as keep pace for the (very early) division lead in the NL West.

Kyle Kendrick faced off against Diamondbacks starter Archie Bradley – well, for a while at least (more on that below) – and Dbacks hitters weren’t kind to Kendrick on Tuesday night.

The Dbacks won 12-5 thanks to 15 hits, including two home runs slugged off Kendrick in just 4.1 innings. The good news, though, is the Rox still have a chance to win the series tomorrow night in Phoenix before they head on to San Diego.

Game notes from the Tuesday night tilt against the Arizona Diamondbacks are below, and instead of doing the traditional bullet points, I decided to take a smattering of tweets from the day and use them as our “game notes.”

If you want a true recap post, click here. If you like these tweet recaps, let me know! Just something we’re trying. If you hate them… be kind?

First off, and most importantly, Archie Bradley was hit in the face with a line drive off the bat of Carlos Gonzalez in the second inning, and removed from the game.

He walked off under his own power, and later in the game, even better news came forward:

Best news we’ve heard all day! Thankfully, Bradley was well enough to not only walk off under his own power, but return from the hospital before the game ended.

Hopefully whatever happened won’t adversely affect him for very long.

Unrelated to the game, thanks to the Rockies for commenting about our afternoon post about social media and baseball. Go read it now, if you like!

It was a rough start for Kendrick, who allowed three runs on the first seven pitches of the game. so, when the Rockies finally got an out, well, it was a big deal.

Can’t say I disagree with you, Tim. Kendrick went just 4.1 innings, allowed 10 hits, 8 runs (all earned), one walk, didn’t strike out anybody, and gave up two (long) home runs. In 69 pitches, he threw just 38 strikes.

His ERA is now…….

Remember Zach Day? Yeah… that’s not good company to be in for Kyle Kendrick. Obviously it’s early, but… damn.

More? More. (That was in the middle of the game, before Kendrick ended up allowing his seventh and eighth runs.)

Unfortunately, Patrick, you took the words out of our mouths.

Can that be a thing? Let’s make that a thing. It’s a thing.

After Kendrick’s early departure, the bullpen was taxed again.

Although at least on this day, Christian Bergman and Jorge Rondon were able to be the only two guys used out of the pen across the final 3.2 innings, saving arms for tomorrow (and, the Rockies have an off day on Thursday).

Jorge Rondon allowed three runs in the ninth inning. Obviously, he personally will not replace Ottavino in the ninth inning, but his arrival can’t help but make you think of who he’s here for in that ‘pen.

Please join us soon, Adam.

All in all, not the most fun day at the ballpark.

The Rockies got blown out on the road, Kyle Kendrick had (another) bad start, and worst of all, Archie Bradley had to go to the hospital after being struck in the face with a line drive.

Let’s all shower right now, wash ourselves clean of this mess, and win the series tomorrow.

Cool? Cool! Cool.