What Should The Rockies Be Thankful For?

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge De La Rosa

We appreciate Jorge De La Rosa now, and we will appreciate him even more later.

I say that coming from the position that I think the Rockies played a dangerous game by extending De La Rosa. He is one of my favorite members of the Rockies, but I’m not sure if it was the right decision to re-sign him instead of trading him this past season.

But hey, back to being thankful for De La Rosa. Are we watching the greatest starting pitcher in the history of the franchise? Even if we don’t have the answer right now, it will be a question worth asking. Maybe the Rockies won’t retire De La Rosa’s number, but if they had something like the Broncos’ ‘Ring of Fame’, De La Rosa would certainly be on that.

We are always going to talk about the Rockies struggling to find good pitching. That gives us very good reason to be thankful for Jorge De La Rosa and his ability to pitch like this for the Rockies and to sustain that success for a number of seasons.