A Broncos Win Would Be The Best Thing for Colorado Rockies


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sport

Whether you like football or not, you know what today is. It’s the Super Bowl, which is pretty much a national holiday nowadays. And you also know the Denver Broncos are in the big game. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that the Rockies are rooting for the Broncos. That makes sense, because they are from the same city and probably have some friends on the Broncos. But there’s another reason that they should be rooting for Denver today: it would take pressure off the Rockies in the 2014 season.

If Denver wins the Super Bowl, fans are obviously going to be thrilled. And most of those fans also happen to be Colorado Rockies fans. Don’t you think that the fans will be more likely to tolerate more rebuild from the Rockies if the Broncos win the Super Bowl? I certainly do. A win for the Broncos will be a win for Denver, and also a win for the Rockies. This season is likely to be another tough one for the Rockies. They are in the midst of a rebuild, and rebuilds aren’t always quick and easy. Sure, they’ll win their share of games, but I don’t expect them to be a factor in the playoff race. If the Broncos win today, though, there will be less of a spotlight on the Colorado Rockies in 2014. Fans won’t be as urgent for a winner, simply because they just got a winner. There will still be some critical eyes on the Rockies, but that number will decrease exponentially if the Broncos win the Super Bowl today. That is important because it’s not realistic to think that Colorado will return to the playoffs or repeat the 2007 miracle that ended in a four game sweep at the hands of the Boston Red Sox. A Broncos win would obviously be huge for the city of Denver, and it will also be huge for the Colorado Rockies as they grind through a rebuild.