Super Bowl 48: Denver Broncos will have the Colorado Rockies cheering for them


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a two way street for the Colorado Rockies and the Denver Broncos. The teams both show up at each other’s games and cheer for one another. The only difference is, the Rockies actually get to cheer for the Broncos in big games, something they will do this Sunday for Super Bowl 48 as the Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks.

The Rockies are fond of Peyton Manning in particular, as he spent a lot of time at their facility with Todd Helton when he was rehabbing his neck injury. Michael Cuddyer spoke about what it was like to have Manning in the locker room (quotes courtesy of

"I felt like I had stolen his locker…When he came back to visit us, he would spend most of his time in that corner, with Todd. There are not too many people I’m in awe of, since I’ve been a big league player, but I admit I was in awe of him for while.”"

Tyler Chatwood also discussed what it was like to meet some member of the Broncos during the 2013 season:

"“It was really cool to talk to Peyton — he gave us tips that helped our fantasy teams…Before they played the Raiders, Duke Ihenacho and a lot of the defensive backs took batting practice and we got to talk to them. They told us about what they had to watch out for from the Raiders, and a lot of us went to that game.”"

For fans, it’s cool to see this dynamic between the hometown teams. Hopefully we will have a season soon when the Rockies have the attention of the city as the Broncos do now (and always do, for that matter). We can only assume that the men in orange and blue would return the favor and root for the Rockies in a big game if given the opportunity.

Oh, and the Rockies sent the Broncos a congratulatory/good luck cake.

So that’s…something.