Colorado Rockies open with 66-1 odds to win 2014 World Series


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

If you believe that the Colorado Rockies are headed the right direction, that they are going to make that one big move and finally put together a season where Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez stay healthy, well then, you better make a run for it and make your move while you can.

Let’s think about what could move that line in the right direction. What would make the Rockies less of a long shot to win the World Series between now and Opening Day 2014?

  • Trading for Giancarlo Stanton or some other big name player
  • Landing a big time free agent pitcher
  • The Monforts selling the team

Now if you wanted to be negative about this, you could probably cite plenty of reasons that things will get worse for the Rockies before the season. Those reasons might include:

  • Carlos Gonzalez’s finger gets worse and he misses the beginning of the season
  • They inexplicably bring back both Jeff Francis and Roy Oswalt
  • They finally cave into rumors, grumblings, and other forms of noise and trade Troy Tulowitzki to the Cardinals
  • They sit on their hands and assume they are still a team that can build from within and be relevant sometime before the year 2018

The sad part is, not all of these factors are out of play. So really, unless you’re Mr. Positivity, you can make like me and just shake your head at that 66-1 number.