Rafael Betancourt, Roy Oswalt Among Rockies To File For Free Agency


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Some housekeeping here courtesy of Troy Renck of the Denver Post. The following players filed for free agency earlier today: Rafael Betancourt, Jeff Francis, Roy Oswalt, and Todd Helton. OK, it’s really the first three that matter, but let’s throw the Toddfather in there too. From Twitter:

It is a pretty likely scenario that none of these players end up with the Rockies next season, right? The wild card is Francis, who seems willing to pretty much take on any role, demotion, or any other condition to remain with the organization. They could probably tell him that he has to wear #78, a uniform that is three sizes too big, and a pink glove, and he would do all of it with no questions asked. Betancourt’s situation is unique because of his unfortunate injury and subsequent Tommy John surgery. Helton’s situation is unique, well, because you know why.

That leaves Oswalt, who was pretty much a disaster this season. You could argue that he never got a full chance because things were so disjointed for him, but you won’t get far. The Rockies need to say no to Oswalt.