Charlie Blackmon Named NL Player Of The Week


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

I blame myself, really.

Sure, Charlie Blackmon has always been popular among Rockies fans. And with his recently being named NL player of the week, he is starting to gain a bit of notice outside of Colorado. With his .311/.335/.471 line this season, he deserves some notice.

Versatility and athleticism always set Blackmon apart as an intriguing candidate to be a 4th outfielder or even to be a regular in the starting lineup. In addition to his overall numbers, it is his 24 extra base hits and his staggering numbers in September (.356/.371/.517) that have placed him squarely on the radar for next season. For me he has all but solidified himself as the 4th outfielder and deserves a chance to compete for an everyday spot.

So what do I blame myself for? Somehow this man still only has 4,239 Twitter followers. Have you seen the game he brings on Twitter? Look, he even signed his ‘Thank You’ note to Rockies fans as @Chuck_Nazty:

Earlier this year I issued a call to action that we needed to get him more followers. Admittedly I slacked; I have no good excuse. I can’t explain it, but I know I need to make things right. Two things are in play here: his Twitter feed is legitimately hilarious, meaning you will bring joy and happiness to whomever you add to his followers list. Also, @Chuck_Nazty is a fresh nickname that needs to catch on outside of Colorado, and that needs to happen right now. The guy has earned it.

Blackmon deserves a ton of credit for his play on the field. As he continues to hit and play well, that credit will continue to come. Let’s make sure he gets credit for his Twitter game off the field, too. Who’s with me?