Evaluating The Talent: Charlie Blackmon


Charlie Blackmon will play a vital role for the Colorado Rockies this season. He joins a crowded competition for a spot as the 4th outfielder on the Major League roster. Once a ballyhooed prospect, Blackmon now looks to be a solid contributor on what will hopefully be a solid and deep bench. But when I say that he will play a vital role, that does not necessarily mean on the field.

Charlie Blackmon needs to continue the important work he is doing on Twitter. Here is an example of what you get from the man known as @Chuck_Nazty:

How does this man only have 2,855 followers? We need to change that. After all, one of his off-season tweets inspired this dream interpretation article on Fangraphs. That’s serious stuff right there. Chuck Nazty needs to show the world that the Colorado Rockies can bring it on Twitter. He is ready to carry that banner.

Need more proof? How about this tweet from January 17th:

As a Rockies fan, this has created a serious dilemma for me. If you had asked me before what Rockies players I would want to meet, the obvious names would have topped the list: Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki…you know, the big names. Now that Chuck Nazty has been spitting such serious game on Twitter, I might have to reconsider. On the one hand you have the all-time great Rockies, but on the other hand, I think that Blackmon and I would be fast friends. Helton would still be number 1, but I gotta say, I think Blackmon is now 1A. Angels in the Outfield and sweet facial hair happen to be two of my favorite things in this world.

Blackmon is important on and off the field for the Rockies. Image: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

On the field Blackmon will look to remind us why it was so upsetting that he broke his foot in his debut 2011 season. He needs to show us the versatility that made him such a tasty prospect when we had not yet seen him play for the Rockies. He needs to consistently make contact like a guy who can bat anywhere in the lineup and he needs to continue playing good defense in all three outfield spots. His all-around talent is his ticket to beating Eric Young Jr.’s speed for that coveted 5th outfield spot (should we call it the 4.5 spot? Are Tyler Colvin and Michael Cuddyer also the back-up first basemen? Meh, we’ll sort that out later).

Blackmon has shown signs of being that guy, both at the end of last season (.283 BA and .325 OBP in 42 games) and in a winter league stint in the Dominican Republic. He needs consistency and good health, and he needs to keep raising the bar on Twitter.

Where should Blackmon be in 2013? On the Rockies roster as a versatile player off the bench.

Where will Blackmon be in 2013? Depending on the Spring Training outfield competition and any unexpected trades, on the Rockies roster and coming off the bench.

But most importantly, it is time to get Charlie Blackmon the Twitter following he deserves. Come on Rox Pile Nation…let’s retweet and mention so that the world can appreciate @Chuck_Nazty in all of his glory.