This Week on Rox Pile


Spring training is approaching … just a few more baseball-free weeks! In the meantime, catch up on your Rox Pile reading from the past week.


Believing he will give us a hope and a future, the Rockies have extended Jhoulys Chacin.


Hayden digs into the Diamondbacks’ puzzling decision to cut Trevor Bauer and Justin Upton loose, and wonders when general managers will stop chasing this elusive “clubhouse culture” thing.

There’s hope for Josh Outman, and most likely that will come from a life lived in the bullpen.

Good news: Freddy Garcia will be seeing a lot of the Rockies next season, but as a member of the opposition. I saw him pitch in New York last year, and I can tell you that “good news” is an understatement.


More players are getting hit with doping accusations. So far the Rockies have mostly steered clear of this (besides Eliezer Alfonzo, of course). Let’s hope it stays that way.


Gio Gonzalez’s denial of his part in the most recent steroid scandal brings to mind a younger, spryer Toddfather.

Guess what? The Rockies’ farm system isn’t a complete disaster!

Chase Headley still plays for the Padres, and Hayden’s team faced his in high school!


Guys, I love Charlie Blackmon. Duh. And it’s nice to see other people drinking the Kool-Aid.

Another Charlie, Culberson, I don’t like quite as much.


Will 2013 be Todd Helton’s last season?