Rockies Reportedly Interested In Freddy Garcia


Freddy Garcia is 36 years old, barely tops 90 mph on his fastball, and posted an ERA north of 5.00 last season. Those are just a few of a number of indications that Garcia is “over the hill,” “washed up,” etc.

Heyman reports that the Rockies have called on Garcia. Image: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

If that is the kind of pitcher he is at this point in his career, then it probably does not make sense for the Colorado Rockies to consider him as an option for their 2013 rotation. The Rockies have a lot of pitchers they can trot out to struggle every 5th day this season, but considering their unquestioned current status as “rebuilding,” there is more value in having young guys get roughed up and learn on the job than to have Garcia go take those lumps. On the other hand, the fragility of a young pitcher’s confidence and the damage that can be done in situations where said young pitcher is not set up for success might mean it is not a bad idea to have Garcia as bit of a buffer while the Rockies hopefully develop a pool of talent (or something like that).

Here is the other side of Freddy Garcia. He was a gritty and versatile pitcher on a playoff team that plays in a hitter-friendly park. The season before that he made a postseason start for an admittedly battered Yankees team. As such, he has a genuinely diverse range of experience and the thick skin to compete in an environment like Coors Field. And maybe, for a guy pitching in the AL East in that park, that high ERA last season was a bit misleading.

Maybe there is one other reason the Rockies should seriously pursue Garcia. Look at Jon Heyman’s tweet about his potential suitors:

The freakin’ Twins! I should have known.