Free Agency News: Minnesota Twins Sign Kevin Correia


Now they’re just being mean. The other day I noted that the Minnesota Twins have developed a habit of one-upping the Colorado Rockies, filling similar roster needs more efficiently and effectively. Last offseason it was their signing of Josh Willingham for less money and more production. This offseason it was potentially their decisions to trade center fielders Denard Span and Ben Revere to fill glaring needs on their starting staff (I say potentially because I want the Rockies to keep Dexter Fowler and have it be the right decision). And now they have beat the Rockies to the punch of one of their free agent starting pitching targets:

The Rockies liked Correia as a fit because of his history of


success at Coors Field. Does that mean I would have been happy if the Rockies had signed him for two years, $10 million? Not so sure about that.

Correia is now a member of a bolstered rotation in Minnesota. Image: Christopher Hanewinckel – USA Today Sports

Even with how truly abysmal the Rockies starting pitching has been, I am inclined to think that they can take their chances with established guys returning from injury or young guys developing and get close to what they would have gotten from Correia. That might be naive, but such is the case when I am trying to talk myself into the Rockies missing on Correia being a good thing when: A. I honestly liked him as a target for the Rockies and B. I am tired of the Twins, who otherwise have nothing to do with the Rockies, outsmarting them. Still, this might end up being a time where the Rockies come out better than the Twins. Maybe. Hopefully.

Just imagine if the Twins had signed our man Jeff Francis. That would have been personal; things would have gotten seriously ugly. Thank goodness it never came to that.