Dexter Fowler Rumors: Ben Revere, The Reds, And Mike Leake


The Colorado Rockies have been steadfast that they will not “actively” try to trade center fielder Dexter Fowler. Of course they will listen, in hopes of being “overwhelmed” by a “video game trade” offer. But it seemed that as each coveted center fielder was plucked off the market, the desperation of the remaining teams in need at that position would be willing to pay more. As of yesterday, it still seemed that the Rockies were likely going to keep Fowler:

But on that same day, the Minnesota Twins surprised the baseball world by dealing their presumed starting center fielder, Ben Revere, to the Philadelphia Phillies for starting pitcher Vance Worley and pitching prospect Trevor May. This after they had dealt Denard Span to the Nationals to clear the way for Revere. As most analysts seem to think the Twins came away with the better end of that Revere trade, it appears that the Minnesota front office recognized an opportunity and snagged it. After last offseason, Colorado should definitely be aware of the moves made by the Twins. The way things have worked out, those two teams have had similar needs two offseasons in a row.

Methinks Fowler would not look good in red. Image: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Last year both needed more power in the corners of their outfield. The Twins jumped on Josh Willingham, a younger player who they got more production from for less money. Once they got Willingham they essentially gave the Rockies their blessing to pay too much for Michael Cuddyer. Now, as they ponder situations in which they both clearly need starting pitching, we have to at least ask the question: did the Twins just school the Rockies again? And now will the Rockies react by trading Fowler to one of the teams getting more and more desperate for a center fielder? While the situations are at least somewhat comparable, the Rockies have a player with far more upside in Fowler; it is Revere’s limited upside that makes the Twins a winner in that trade. The two players are different enough that the Rockies need to hold steadfast on their demands.

Hopefully the Rockies do not let the actions taken by other teams push them off their stance on Fowler. Example: Troy Renck noted today that the Rockies might be looking at a package from the Cincinnati Reds that would include Mike Leake, Drew Stubbs, and a catching prospect…

…That would be a no. Leake is unfit for any success in Coors Field, and the demand for Fowler has always been pitching. If that’s the only pitching they will get, that would be a terrible return. If the Rockies’s front office is serious that it will take a “monster deal” to part with Fowler, they need to prove it by not letting other moves by other teams dictate their course of action.

Even if they are in a market with moves being made by Terry Ryan and Co. again…