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The “What about ______________ for Dexter Fowler?” speculation continues, and most teams do not seem to know his worth. Hey Reds, as much as you like Homer Bailey, visions of Jeremy Guthrie dance in our heads when we picture him at Coors.

Turns out even the free-spending Dodgers don’t need two closers. Keep looking Brian Wilson.


Hayden envisions the front office’s conversation at winter meetings and wonders why it seems to center around things the Rockies do not need.


Okay, I personally am pretty tired of this whole “proven pitching” thing. The Rockies HAVE proven pitching in the organization, and they need to stop trading it away for guys who have proven themselves elsewhere but will probably tank when they come to Denver (see: every pitcher we got in the last two years except Kevin Millwood).

On the other hand, Alex White has done everything BUT prove himself at Coors Field. Better luck to you, Wilton Lopez.


How I love Jeff Francis. You will never see me sad when he comes to the Rockies, however he finds his way here.


Even for those of you who wanted Alex White to have one more chance, there’s way more of an upside to trading him for Lopez. Promise.


And … the Dexter Fowler rumors refuse to die