This Week on Rox Pile


Spring training is here! There is plenty going on in Scottsdale and on Rox Pile, so read on …


I interviewed Dan Dreger, Colorado’s only finalist for the 2012 MLB Fan Cave. And guess what! We voted him into the top 30. Way to go everyone.


In this year’s final installment of the Rockies Retread series, I retold the story of the Rockies’ highest-scoring game in their first three seasons.


I examined the stuff of Josh Roenicke and considered whether he’ll be crowded out of the Rockies’ bullpen thanks to stiff competition this spring.

I reacted to Dan O’Dowd’s comments that he’d reached a handshake agreement with Jim Tracy to extend his contract, a contract that now appears to have no endpoint.

Hayden followed that up with a thorough dissection of the video Troy Renck posted of Tracy reacting to the news. He is truly the king of this hill, and he knows it.


Curtis wrote about the phenomenon that is Juan Nicasio, a guy we should all be deeply devoted to.

I wrote about another phenomenon, the perpetual not-very-goodness of Esmil Rogers, and wondered whether he could bring anything to the Rockies in 2012.

In 2011/2012’s final Homegrown Homecoming, I dug up Kevin Ritz and thought about the tiny glimmer of hope he gave us long ago that one day we would have good pitchers in Rockies’ uniforms.