Let’s Talk About This Jim Tracy Video


Let me state from the outset that I will not be commenting at any length on Jim Tracy’s contract extension for two reasons. First of all I find it thoroughly confusing. I spend my academic life trying to make sense of dense and inaccessible theoretical writing, and yet I find the notion of an “indefinite” “handshake” agreement more baffling than anything I have read or heard in the last year. Secondly I really like Jim Tracy and I am kind of glad he got an extension, but if you note the sentiments of others in the Rockies blogosphere you will find I am in the minority with that opinion.

Why not write a post in defense of Jim Tracy? Because I cannot disagree with the criticism of him, especially from this last season. I just plain like him, rhetorical questions and all. When I think of Jim Tracy I think of him in tears talking about his proudest moment in baseball when the Rockies won the Wild Card in 2009. I know that credit runs its course after a while, but for me it just hasn’t yet.

Having established that, let’s focus on this video interview that Troy Renck posted for the Denver Post. It is baffling on the one hand and full of unintentional comedy on the other. 

Tracy states that it would be a “disservice” to his players to make this about him. That sounds great, but he then proceeds to read his list of accomplishments since he took over as manager. This feels like he is well aware of the venom directed his way and is defending himself accordingly. At the end he notes that in 2009 there were “no player personnel” moves between the moment he took over and the run to the playoffs.  Am I missing something or is this Tracy patting himself on the back? He concludes the interview by asking “what did you learn from that?”

Oh! I think I have the correct answer! We learned that Jim Tracy is a once-in-a-generation mind at the managerial position?

Sorry, let me put that in Jim Tracy language…What can you say about a Jim Tracy? When you talk about Jim Tracy, you talk about a manager who is special. You talk about a manager with a slow heartbeat who does everything you ask of him and gets it done night after night.

I kid because I care.

A couple other points about this video. Why does he keep spreading his arms out as if to ask ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? After a while I was expecting him to end every sentence with a good hearty YEA, WHAT’S UP NOW!

Lastly…he couldn’t have buttoned up his pants? After the first take wouldn’t you at least ask him to do that? Jim, can we try that again? You can leave the cocky hand gestures and self congratulations in there. That’s all golden. It would just be cool if you would button up your pants. 

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