Morning Dump — Monday, March 7th

By Editorial Staff

Remember when Zack Morris delivered Mr. Belding’s baby in the elevator? I didn’t think so. Trust me though, it was awesome. Preppy was always so good under pressure. Anyway, that scene had nothing on some real events for Ty Wigginton.

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"I told her to lay down. I had time to call 911 and give them our address. Then the baby pops out and I basically just caught him. I get back on the phone and they told me to tie the umbilical cord with my shoestring."

Yesterday, Domingo Ayala spent the day with the Rox. If you aren’t familiar with Domingo’s work, head here. If you don’t, you are semi-pro. I’ve also embedded a video.

In regards to Cookie’s shoulder, I’ve been pessimistic. It didn’t sound like he was making any progress and I was expecting the news of surgery to come any day now. So this little piece of news comes as a relief. Now, it’s time to get him back out on the mound.

Everyone is still talking about a double that CarGo hit on Saturday.

Helton and the Giambino are deriving much benefit from the new spring location.

Finally, NotGraphs has been running a fantastic series on umpire Joe West. My favorite is the playground; I could totally see Joe West power tripping on a bunch of first graders.

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