Morning Dump – Tuesday, February 22nd

By Editorial Staff

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Baseball and chewing tobacco go together like Charlie Sheen and hookers. It’s an unhealthy relationship, but unlikely to change. Since baseball was invented, tobacco has been a constant. When I was sixteen, I had the privilege of serving as a visitor’s batboy for the Rangers. I worked there for about two weeks before I started chewing. The clubhouse had a full tobacco spread. You could grab any kind of chew or dip you wanted and I was happy to oblige. By the end of my first year, I was a connoisseur of smokeless tobacco. My first choice was a bag of Levi Garrett with a little bit of Kahlua mixed in — I can’t remember which player taught me that trick.

Most people would point to this as reason to ban tobacco in MLB, but I disagree. I wasn’t using tobacco because the pros were using it. I was just a punk. If I hadn’t picked it up at the ballpark, I would’ve been playing “Hey Mister” with my buddies.

Our history is filled with examples of bans gone bad, e.g. Prohibition and the Drug War. Do we really think that making tobacco use illegal in baseball, will work? I’m sorry, but I’d like for our senators to focus on some more pressing issues. In case they haven’t noticed, our economy kind of sucks right now. Disagree? Feel free to lambast me in the comments section. Okay, Rockies time…

Chacin the Machine

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"“Everyone talks about potential, and that’s what it is in this league until you do it on the field. But his poise is what jumps out. Nothing seems to bother him. And you can’t teach that.” — Huston Street on Chacin"

CarGo got his swole on this off-season.

Huston Street filmed a funny commercial for the Worldwide Leader.

Speaking of ESPN, Baseball Tonight focused on the Rox yesterday.

Jordan Pacheco is still learning how to catch.

Matt Daley is looking for a healthy season.

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