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Colorado Rockies, big spenders?

To date the Colorado Rockies’ off-season has been characterized by their failed attempts to spend big money in free agency. First they tried to land Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu. He signed with the Chicago White Sox. Next they set their sights on free agent catcher Carlos Ruiz. Instead he re-upped with the Philadelphia Phillies for an absurd amount of money. Finally they made a push for free agent catcher Brian McCann, who ended up with the New York Yankees.

It’s a bummer that they did not successfully sign any of those players, sure. But it would seem that we can at least take comfort in the fact that the front office has money to spend and intends to be aggressive in doing so.

It is in that context that I came across a confusing note today on From a quick hits column comes the following note about the Rockies:

Likewise, according to (Buster) Olney, the Rockies are putting out word that they do not have a lot to spend in free agency. Of course, the club reportedly made legitimate runs at both Jose Dariel Abreu and Brian McCann, though it could be that it was only willing to spend big on certain players.

This feels discouraging. Maybe it shouldn’t; after all, I don’t want the Rockies to spend just for the sake of spending. I certainly don’t want them to overpay for mediocre talent just because they feel obligated to spend money. Still, it was such a refreshing departure from the status quo that I hate to think we’re back to the old way. Also, who would the Rockies “put that word out” to that they don’t have a lot to spend? How does that work? And to what end do you put that word out?

If the LaTroy Hawkins signing and Justin Morneau targeting are any indication, then the Rockies have decided to go the cost-effective route with their spending this off-season. Still, shouldn’t they continue to seek opportunities to be aggressive? Especially this early in the off-season? This might be nothing, but I hate to hear that the Rockies might be backing off that willingness to spend, especially when they’re volunteering that information.

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