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LaTroy Hawkins: “This is just pretty much buying time”


Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies signed LaTroy Hawkins to bolster the back of their bullpen. That makes sense.

The Colorado Rockies announced, in no uncertain terms, that they signed him as a closer. That makes less sense.

Is it possible that they told him he would close as part of contract negotiations? Like Hawkins would turn them away and go elsewhere if they did not name him the closer upon announcing the contract?

That’s not necessarily the case, but that closer’s role was a factor (quotes from the Denver Post):

"“The closing part is a small percentage of it. I loved playing in Colorado. I have nothing but good memories of my time with the Rockies — Rocktober and all those guys on the those teams.”"

Somebody break it to LaTroy that things ain’t exactly like Rocktober in Colorado these days…

Hawkins did acknowledge that he is a placeholder so that Rex Brothers can have some more time to develop for the role.

"“This is pretty much just buying time until Rex takes over the closing job…I am just keeping the seat warm for him.”"

Count me among the people who hope that he only keeps that seat warm until like May of the next regular season (or sooner).