Rockies Miss the Pot of Gold

I really wasn’t going to do another blog post on baseball caps, but maybe it’s my niche. I love baseball caps and if wearing them in a corporate office wasn’t so frowned upon I’d wear one daily.

The Rockies St Patrick’s Day hats are in and I’m sure you’ve seen them. If you haven’t here is a pic from the Rockies Facebook page:

I really do not care for them. And that’s being nice. They rank up there with the Independence Day hats that the Rox wore a few years ago, with a flag CR and red brim. What’s my beef with these green delights? The purple CR! Come on, you don’t have to be a fashionista to know that purple and green just don’t jive, or at least not on a man’s head. What would make this hat wearable? A white CR. Simple right? It’s sad not one person stood up and said “You do realize no one is going to buy these, right?”

Hey, I’m just saying that they could’ve at least added a little stitched-in “Kiss me, I’m a Rockie” on the side/back to sweeten the pot for consumers. See? I am full of ideas. Here is another one, while I’m posting all of my fashion expertise to the world — bring back this alternate jersey which would completely compliment the Rox new batting practice hats. I don’t know how the Rockies only wore this one time in 20 years… this is beautiful:

If anyone from the Rockies organization wants to give me a job I’m all ears. No? Oh well. This bright green/purple mess hat won’t be finding it’s way into my hat closet (yes I have a whole hat closet) anytime soon. What do you guys think?

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