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So far, the 2012-2013 offseason has been a bit of a slow one for the Rockies. But you know what’s always alive and well? Rumors. And speculation. And rumors about speculation. Read on for the best of ours!


The Rockies’ pitching situation is so bad, Hayden’s almost got me convinced that Carlos Zambrano might legitimately improve it.

Oh good! Cody Ross is back in the NL West! Said no Rockies fan ever.


Some worthwhile predictions on who will be the Rockies killers in 2013. In other words, Oh good! Adrian Gonzalez is back in the NL West! Said … well, you know.

For the love of all that is holy, put Larry Walker in the Hall of Fame!!!

It’s wise for the Rockies to wait before they deal Dexter Fowler or Michael Cuddyer – if only because last year’s strategy of take-any-pitcher-anyone-is-selling-no-matter-what was a colossal fail.

Any chance John Elway is interested in a front office position? For a baseball team?

An interesting question to consider is whether 2013 could be a “year of reckoning” for anyone in the Rockies’ front office. An answer, however, is quite difficult to come by.


Jorge de la Rosa is finally coming back!!

Looking back on 2012 and forward to 2013, it does seem as though the best thing we can hope for is to enjoy watching Rockies baseball again.


Latest pitcher to potentially catch the Rockies’ eye: Brandon Webb. Seriously, though, the main thing all last year’s pitching acquisitions had in common was their flyball rate. It was abysmal. There’s nowhere to go but up if we find a bunch of groundballers instead.


Andrew Brown is gone, and that’s actually a little bit sad.


The Padres are moving their fences in! I hope Cargo’s been taking batting practice.

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