Rounding Up Some Larry Walker Votes


Former Colorado Rockies outfielder and Patrick Roy enthusiast Larry Walker is hanging on with his Hall of Fame candidacy by his fingernails (nod to our friends at Purple Row). This is the moment when the national bias against baseball in Colorado, and specifically against any offensive numbers achieved there, is the most infuriating. This is the moment when national writers throw the same blanket over every single offensive player who has played in Colorado, assuming their offensive numbers are fraudulent because they played home games in Denver. And it makes me want to scream.

This is Coors Field, which has a lot less to do with Walker’s career success than people think. Image: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Please grant Larry Walker the distinctiveness he deserves and acknowledge the fact that his career was outstanding no matter where he played his home games. Please do not overlook what an astoundingly good player Walker was in other aspects of the game. Great defender. Great arm. Great baserunner.

We need more people to take their cues from perspectives like the ones found in these tweets (in Caple’s article he notes that he would vote for Walker if he could).