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Get excited, because it is time for the first December edition of This Week on Rox Pile! Read on to make sure you didn’t miss any of the great stuff Hayden published this week.


Andrew Brown and Matt McBride both found themselves ousted from the 40-man roster last week. What does it mean for the two of them going forward? I guess it depends on whether the Rockies could “really see themselves” keeping them or not.


Should the Rockies think about trading Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez? The more important question is, why is anyone asking that question at all?


This past Monday was Cyber Monday, and with it came all kinds of deals, including some (sort of) steals on the Rockies’ website.


Hayden’s deep, deep love for Jeff Francis is the very reason he doesn’t want to see him on the Rockies’ 2013 roster. My love runs equally deep, and I see his point.

Why is anyone still taking performance-enhancing drugs and thinking he’ll get away with it? Seriously, why? Thanks, though, for doing that Carlos Ruiz, so we could have occasion to reflect on the ways in which you brought the 2009 Rockies down during the playoffs.


Perhaps the Rockies could make good use of Kevin Correia? At least he’s not, say, Jeremy Guthrie …

I may have shed a tear thinking about how the Rockies’ lack of recent success will continue to deny Larry Walker the Hall of Fame spot he so deserves.

If it were up to me, Brian Wilson would go far, far away from the NL West. But as Hayden reports, he may not be going anywhere.

Thursday It seems pretty clear at this point that no one is willing to pay the Rockies’ asking price for Dexter Fowler, but if they did, think of the possibilities! (P.S. I have no interest in letting Dex go.)

Evan Longoria’s contract extension with the Rays reminds us of two things: one, he and Tulo are brothers from another mother, and two, Tulo is awesome.

If money equaled wins, I would stop watching baseball because, how boring. Let’s hope for the Rockies’ sake that it continues to be only a small factor, because the Dodgers have bazillions of dollars and aren’t afraid to spend it.

On the other hand, if the Dodgers get Zack Greinke, ouch.


The possibility of the Rockies trading away Dexter Fowler continues to look highly unlikely, but at least now we know for sure he won’t go to the Washington Nationals.

Much as we all love Wilin Rosario, it’s impossible to ignore his defensive ridiculousness. So it’s good to know Ramon Hernandez will return in a mentoring role, and maybe even playing now and again if his old man legs are up to it.

Ian Stewart … sniff, sniff …

Glenallen Hill could be the new manager of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, and no one is more excited about it than Hayden!

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