Could Brian Wilson End Up On The Dodgers?


I have a complicated history with Giants closer, but perhaps soon to be free agent, Brian Wilson. Obviously his role as closer on a number of successful Giants teams makes him an enemy of sorts for Rockies fans. I have wondered many times how much more I can take getting my hopes up that the Rockies might actually steal a close game in San Francisco, only to watch Wilson wiggle out of it, record the final out, and proceed to do his stupid crossed arms thing.

The Beard. Image: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

It’s not just the fact that he beats the Rockies that bothers me. For quite a while I was convinced that Wilson was wildly overrated. If you are expecting statistics to back that up, you’re in the wrong place (mainly because they probably don’t exist). It just always felt like he created so many problems for himself, mostly with command issues, that I had a hard time telling myself he was an elite closer. It also bothered me that his pants were ridiculously tight and that he barely buttoned up his shirt. And his stupid Giants-colored high tops bothered me too.

Then, slowly but surely over time, Wilson grew progressively more likable in my mind. For starters, it is impossible for me to hide my fascination with good facial hair, and his beard is historically great (not debatable). Then he did this Keenan Cahill video. Outstanding thing to do, and an outstanding job dancing as well. From there I found myself begrudgingly admiring the fact that he seemed like an ideal teammate, an eccentric guy whom everybody loved and who absolutely loved his team…even if that team was the Giants.

So I may not hate Wilson anymore, but that does not mean I want him to remain in the National League West. Unfortunately any excitement about him leaving the Giants at the end of the week might be short-lived: it appears that Wilson’s next choice would be the Los Angeles Dodgers. At least that would supposedly be his first choice; he lives there in the offseason, and presumably he understands the perks of remaining in the NL West, especially coming off a year missed due to injury.

ESPN’s Buster Olney offers another possibility for Wilson:

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Presumably there would be plenty of other suitors for Wilson’s services, but it is not at all surprising that a guy who loves attention as much as him has been linked with two hugely covered and hyped teams. Because love him or hate him, there is no question that Brian Wilson, “the beard,” loves to get lots and lots of attention for how fascinating he thinks we should all find him.

What’s that? Yes, I do feel better now, thank you for asking. Up until that last paragraph I had said far too many nice things about Wilson. I feel much better now.