Why Nolan Jones needs to be brought up in May

San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies
San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

The Colorado Rockies are currently starting a hot streak as they are winners of their last six out of 10 games and are coming off a game sweep over the Milwaukee Brewers as they won today 9-6.

During this stretch, the Rockies' offense has played a crucial role in the team's performance. In the last seven games, they have maintained a batting average of .305 and have recorded 24 extra-base hits, along with an impressive number of runs scored.

Although the team's offense is currently their strongest piece, they must look into acquiring additional hitting depth to maintain their momentum. This is due to the recent news that ace pitcher German Marquez has notified the Rockies of his need for Tommy John Surgery.

Usually, in this case, teams will resort to their minor league system. The fact is that the Rockies young pitchers on the farm are just not MLB-ready. At least for now...

The organization's minor league system is not providing star-powered pitchers right now, the AAA Albuquerque Isotopes rank in 10th place in the PCL division and have an ERA of 7.02 and a win-loss record of 13-17.

When faced with such circumstances, it seems that the Rockies' inexperienced pitchers aren't quite up to the task. History has shown that hastily promoting Minor Leaguers to Major League Baseball is ill-advised, as it can shatter their confidence in their abilities and harm their fledgling careers.

Another option the team could look to explore is free agency, but the market is almost completely dry at the moment. The names that are available aren’t appealing enough to sign to a contract and I think general manager, Bill Schmidt is aware as he stated earlier this week that the goal in the offseason was to provide pitching depth, Per Danielle Allentuck.

Unfortunately, they were unable to add anymore pitchers and they must find a solution.

So what is that solution?

My solution to this problem is to continue playing to your teams strengths and that’s keep adding hitting and more hitting.

Nolan Jones, a third baseman and outfielder for the Rockies organization, has been performing exceptionally well since the start of the minor league season. Currently playing for the AAA Albuquerque Isotopes, Jones would make a valuable contribution to their already impressive batting lineup.

His ability to move around and platoon at different positions is what the team needs right now. He will be a consistent and productive at bat in the lineup and will give the team flexibility to give other players days off.

Right now, he holds a batting average of .340, nine homeruns, 29 RBI’s and an OPS of 1.157. A big at bat like this everyday in the lineup would mean so much to a team that is finally starting to find its identity in early May.

Jones found his way to the Colorado organization in 2022 as he was traded away for Juan Brito who was once a top infield prospect for the Rockies.

Jones was once the number-one prospect in the Cleveland Guardians minor league system in 2020. He currently ranks as the 13th-ranked prospect for the Rockies in a system that features young shortstop Ezequiel Tovar as the number-one prospect.

During his tenure with the Guardians, Jones played in 28 games, and while his performance at the plate was not exceptional, it was not subpar either. His batting average was a cause for concern, as he hit .244 with a .681 OPS. However, I was impressed by his ability to get 21 hits and 13 RBI’s in a short span of time. Statistically, this indicates that he has the potential to come through in clutch situations and bring in runs when the team needs it.