Who are the last 5 Rockies players to have 100 RBI's in a single season?

While it's only been a year since a member on the Rockies has hit 100 RBI's in a season, 2023 has been a brutal year for the Rockies. It's time to take a look at what members of the Rockies have hit 100 RBI's in a single season.
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3. Trevor Story

Trevor Story
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Followed by Arenado's success as a hitter for Colorado was his teammate, Trevor Story. Story was a shortstop for the Rockies from 2016-2021 after being drafted by Colorado in the first round of the 2011 MLB Draft.

In 2018, Story joined Arenado as a 100 RBI hitter for the Rockies. That year, he finished with a .291 batting average and a .914 OPS. He went on to hit 37 home runs for the Rockies that year and had a total of 108 RBI's, earning himself his first career All-Star selection and Silver Slugger. The combination of Arenado and Story in 2018 led the Rockies to a post-season birth. Unfortunately, the Rockies would be swept by the Milwaukee Brewers in the divisional series.

Story is now on the Boston Red Sox after signing a six-year $140 million contract in 2022. Since signing this contract, Story has struggled with injuries and has only appeared in 106 games for the Red Sox.