We need to talk about the Rockies' upcoming season

Should Rockies fans be rooting for the team to be contenders or should they look at this season as a prospecting year for all the young talent on the big league roster?
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No. 2: The Rockies level of success is so far behind other Denver sports teams

Secondly, if the Rockies shared the town they called home with professional teams that shared their level of success, it would be more difficult to lay blame on one team over the other. Unfortunately for the Rockies, they share a town with professional teams whose expectations year after year is to win their respective league’s championship. What’s even MORE frustrating for the Rockies is each major professional team has experienced a championship season over the last decade, with two championships for the Avalanche and Nuggets coming in consecutive years (21-22 Avalanche & 22-23 Nuggets). Denver has a fanbase that expects their teams to compete, they expect championships.

Even with the Broncos having losing seasons for the last eight years, they have taken large steps to rectify their mistakes and move back to their lofty expectations. The Rockies have had opportunities to show they care more about the results on the field than they do the results at the concession line, but they haven’t taken those opportunities to capitalize on anything. For example, when Jeff Bridich decided to leave the organization in 2021, Dick Monfort could have used that opportunity to revitalize the club with a much-needed fresh outlook. Instead, he decided to stay in-house, promoting VP of Scouting, Bill Schmidt, who had been with the organization since 1999. Dick Monfort is extremely loyal, and it can be admirable, but his loyalty to his employees has led to 22 out of 31 (.465% W-L%) losing seasons, never winning the National League West and, one of the worst trades in Colorado Sports history with Nolan Arenado being traded to St. Louis.