We need to talk about the Rockies' upcoming season

Should Rockies fans be rooting for the team to be contenders or should they look at this season as a prospecting year for all the young talent on the big league roster?
Coors Field
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We need to have an honest conversation about the Colorado Rockies and their upcoming season. As a die-hard fan, I find myself confused about what to root for. Of course, I want to see the team I cheer for do well and compete for championships season after season, but are those the expectations for our Rockies? 

The Rockies have a few things working against them: 

No. 1: The Rockies struggle to attract/retain elite talent

First off, as a native Coloradoan, it pains me to write this, but Colorado is not a desirable place for high-end free agents to consider. Kris Bryant’s signing in 2022 was the exception, not the norm, for the Rockies. During the 22’ off-season, Bryant’s 7-year/$182M contract was the second-largest acquisition, from a monetary standpoint, behind Corey Seagar’s whopping 10-year/$325M contract with the 23’ world champions, Texas Rangers. There has been article after article detailing the woes that Kris Bryant has experienced since signing his contract, so we won’t beat a dead horse. His contract, which guarantees his salary through the 2028 season (he’ll be 38), forces the club to be patient with him and his results. His performance, up to this point, won’t instill confidence in an owner who has historically allowed the more expensive foundational pieces of his roster to move on to greener pastures, rather than investing in a higher likelihood of a successful season - I’m looking at you Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado.

Dick Monfort has all but etched his expectations into the marble in-lays below the urinals in his multi-million-dollar property that overlooks Coors Field. Dick Monfort explained this at an annual Northern Colorado Friends of Baseball breakfast in 2022 saying, “We have a lot of talent, a lot of good things are going to happen, and I think they are going to start happening this year, and I think we can play .500 ball…”  Would comments like this lure the top levels of talent? The signings the Rockies have had should answer that.