Veterans on the Rockies who had a bounce back month of May

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Ryan McMahon

Ryan McMahon
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There has been considerable scrutiny over McMahon's performance ever since he signed a contract extension with the Rockies before last season. Unfortunately, he didn't have a great start this year as the former second-round draft pick struggled with strikeouts throughout the first month of the season.

McMahon has changed his approach at the plate and it is paying off big time for him. He is starting to become a much more patient hitter and is seeing the ball much better.

Recently, he has shown impressive improvement in his batting, moving from .242/.320/.450 to .271/.364/.510. Moreover, he was on a remarkable four-game home runs streak. McMahon's performance has made him one of the most reliable and effective batters in the Rockies clubhouse, earning him regular time at the number three spot in the lineup card. Last month, he hit four home runs, seven doubles, two triples, 17 RBI's, and drew 14 walks.

If he can keep this pace up in June, he will quickly reroute the trajectory of his career as a player who is a good utility man on defense as one of the better hitters in the Rockies clubhouse.