Two potential Rockies free agents who should come back and one who should not

Looking ahead at what future free agents the Rockies should resign and not resign for the 2024 offseason.
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The 2023 MLB season has not been kind to the Colorado Rockies, the team is in last place in the National League West (46-75) and is on the verge of officially being eliminated from the post season before the month of Sept. and might even suffer the franchise's first ever 100 loss season.

With the season just a month and a half away, Rockies general manager Bill Schmidt has to consider all moves for this team's future. With that being said, he has the rest of this season to reevaluate his team's roster.

Although some of the moves made by him in the previous off-season have been successful, some have not gone as planned. After analyzing the current roster and projecting what next year's team could look like, I believe it would be beneficial for Schmidt to give the younger talent in the organization a chance to shine. As a result, I have compiled a list of players who should be retained and those who should be let go after the season is over.

1. Brent Suter

Brent Suter
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This past offseason, the Rockies claimed veteran relief pitcher Brent Suter from the Milwuakee Brewers. Aside from trading for Nolan Jones, this might've been the best move the Rockies made last offseason.

At the trade deadline, I was sure Suter might've been a name we would've seen traded from Colorado as the return package would've been a huge boost for the Colorado organization. However, he was not traded and is set to finish the year as a free agent after this season.

Right now, Suter is pitching with a 4-0 record and an incredible 2.43 ERA, 43 strikeouts and holding batters to a .218 batting average, the lowest in his career since 2019.

Since the Rockies elected not to trade him, a move to resign Suter should be a priority for Colorado. The Rockies are set to begin next year with a very young bullpen and will need a veteran presence in the pen. Suter would not only be a force to be reckoned with next year but would also be an excellent mentor for the Rockies' young relievers.

Verdict: Resign