The last 2 free agent depth additions the Rockies should look into

With spring training set to begin this month, we take a look at 3 players the Rockies should add for depth.
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Whit Merrifield

Merrifield isn't a name that has been linked to the Rockies at all, nor have we brought him up as a potential fit for the Rockies before. He fits into a lot of what the Rockies holes are right now and would put him in a position to rebuild his value and get sent to a contender at the deadline or sign with a contender next offseason.

Merrifield doesn't have a ton of value from an offensive standpoint, but he is a high contact, low strikeout guy that can steal bases and play multiple positions. He won't be the same three- or four-win player he was in 2018 or 2019, but he is still a valuable player. He is a solid bet to be a 260 hitter, put up an 85-90 wRC+, while hitting 10-12 home runs and stealing 20+ bases.

He would provide a lot of value for the Rockies as a backup middle infielder, for a Rockies team that currently lacks any real solid depth behind Ezequiel Tovar and Brendan Rodgers. He could spell Rodgers once or twice a week to keep Rodgers healthy, or if Rodgers gets hurt again. He could always move out to a corner outfield spot and play a solid corner outfield position, giving you a lot of flexibility and a higher floor, with your young outfielders. The Rockies have plenty of cap space left over, and the way the hitters' market has come to a screeching halt, you might be able to get him for a one- or two- year deal worth about $6-$7 million a year.