Rockies with 4 in MLB Pipeline's Top 100 Prospects

With 5 top 100 prospects in 2023, the Rockies were not able to match that this year, but things are looking promising for a system on the rise.
Colorado Rockies Summer Workouts
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No. 72 Yanquiel Fernandez

Fernandez may have the highest ceiling of any Rockies prospect. He has the potential to be a legit, middle of the order bat for a long time. He is also an average defender with a plus arm, profiling well for right field.

Fernandez dominated high-A Spokane in 58 games, slashing .319/.355/.605 with 17 home runs in just 268 plate appearances. He put up a solid strikeout rate at Spokane (17.91%), but didn't walk that much, though that is not part of his game and probably never will be. When he jumped up to double-A, the league sort of caught up to him and he struggled, slashing .206/.262/.362 but still posting 8 home runs in 237 plate appearances.

Fernandez is a free swinger, his strikeout rate at Spokane jumped to 32.91%, which is incredibly high. I don't think there is a lot to worry about with this as Fernandez has never had a very big strikeout problem before. Sure, he will post a strikeout rate in the 20's, but he has the potential be a 30+ home run right fielder. Fernandez was also nearly four years younger than the average double-A player, so there is a little forgiveness. Fernandez will most likely start the year at double-A where he will have a chance to prove the strikeouts aren't cause for concern, and if he can do that while hitting 25 home runs again, we could see him jump back up into the top 50 or 60.