Rockies with 4 in MLB Pipeline's Top 100 Prospects

With 5 top 100 prospects in 2023, the Rockies were not able to match that this year, but things are looking promising for a system on the rise.
Colorado Rockies Summer Workouts
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No. 52 Chase Dollander

The Rockies have had a history of finding really good offensive players. They have really developed some solid bats throughout their history. They have struggled mightily to develop and retain starting pitchers. How do you fix that? Draft and acquire as much solid pitching as you possibly can.

That's what the Rockies did when they drafted him in the 2023 MLB draft. Coming into the 2023 college seaon, there was a legitimate chance that Dollander would be the number one overall pick. He struggled with some control issues, but he has all of the tools to become a number one or number two pitcher one day.

Dollander didn't get a chance to pitch in 2023, but he possesses a truly elite stuff. He was drafted one pick behind Rhett Lowder (number 34 in MLB Pipeline's Top 100) and if Dollander can go out and have a solid year and put the control issues behind him, we could see him skyrocket into the top 25 prospects in the game.