Rockies missed out on 2 infielders, but could add this underrated veteran

With a lack of depth, the Rockies have missed out on a couple of middle infielders. There is still one really solid veteran that they could add.

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The Rockies missed out on two infielders with some serious upside

We have talked about both of these free agents throughout the offseason, mainly the first name, but both of these infielders still would have fit nicely into this Rockies roster. The Rockies lack a veteran utility infielder that has a high floor, who could help this young and inexperienced group navigate professional baseball.

The Rockies missed out on a high-floor, solid defender in Amed Rosario who signed a one-year, $1.5M contract with the Rays

Rosario may have been the best fit with the Rockies as a guy that is comfortable playing both middle-infield spots with a pretty high floor. He would've given the Rockies a nice veteran with some experience that is a lock to hit .260 or better and play some really good defense at both middle infield spots. Rosario isn't going to be an above average hitter but would give the Rockies some flexibility and a high average bat. The Rockies were trying to let some young guys get a lot of playing time this year, but they should've taken a flier on Rosario, especially because he would be behind Tovar and Rodgers, not blocking anyone. His one-year $1.5M contract is such a low risk move, I would've liked the Rockies to make this move.

The Rockies could've taken a flier on a former batting champ in Tim Anderson, who signed a one-year, $5M prove it deal with the Marlins

This option was a little more unrealistic as Anderson was looking for an everyday job to rebound and rebuild his value before hitting free agency. The Rockies couldn't offer him an everyday, starting shortstop role. They could offer him regular at bats in one of the most hitter friendly environments in baseball.

Anderson is a former batting champ who had a terrible year offensively, but struggled through injuries and a team that seemed like they had no desire to be on a baseball field. The Rockies could've found a role for Anderson on this team, rotating through all three infield spots, giving days off to Rodgers, Tovar and McMahon to keep everyone healthy. The deal he signed with Miami is a relatively low risk move that I would've liked the Rockies to entertain; the upside Anderson possesses is well worth the $5M risk.