Rockies dream scenario in the 2023 MLB draft

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Adding Pitching Depth

Kyle Freeland
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The Rockies seem to be facing a challenge in their minor league system when it comes to starting pitching and may consider other pitching candidates besides Skenes. Unfortunately, they are currently lacking a pitcher who ranks among MLB's top 100 prospects and are struggling to identify a reliable Ace for their staff. Despite Kyle Freeland's impressive 17-win season in 2018, the Rockies' pitching staff has been performing poorly and is ranked 29th overall, with only the Oakland A's below them.

Despite the team's ongoing struggles with pitching, they have also faced significant challenges in signing new pitchers to join their staff. The Rockies have never been able to secure a major free agency signing for their starting rotation.

It is crucial for the Rockies to focus on building a strong pitching staff in the upcoming MLB Draft. It is imperative for Schmidt to make smart draft picks to strengthen the team's pitching. Additionally, the Rockies have been plagued by pitching injuries this year, and it would be wise to learn from past mistakes by investing in more pitching depth to ensure future success as contenders.