Rockies 2024 Opening Day roster projection 1.0: A surprising infielder makes the club

With the first game of Spring Training of 2024 in the books, we take a look at our first Opening Day roster projection

2024 Colorado Rockies Spring Training
2024 Colorado Rockies Spring Training / Kyle Cooper/Colorado Rockies/GettyImages
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Rockies Infield

  • (C) Elias Diaz
  • (1B) Kris Bryant
  • (2B) Brendan Rodgers
  • (3B) Ryan McMahon
  • (SS) Ezequiel Tovar

Perhaps the least surprising of all here, the infield for the Rockies is all set (barring any injuries). Kris Bryant is a new addition here, in an effort to keep him healthy. Bryant might rotate through right field a little bit, but the Rockies would be smart to keep him stationed at first base. The middle infield has a ton of potential both offensively and defensively. If Rodgers can stay healthy and Tovar can take some steps forward offensively, this could be a really solid middle infield. McMahon will be looking to bounce back, after a down season that saw his strikeout rate skyrocket over 31%.

Rockies Outfield

  • (LF) Nolan Jones
  • (CF) Brenton Doyle
  • (RF) Sean Bouchard
  • (DH) Charlie Blackmon

Without a doubt, the most exciting group on this list, the Rockies outfield is loaded with potential. No surprise in left field and center field, returning a budding superstar in Nolan Jones and gold glover Brenton Doyle. Sean Bouchard's proven offensive and potential will earn him the starting right field job, where he will look to add some middle of the order impact to a team lacking a veteran thumper.