Pros and cons of possibly trading Charlie Blackmon

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Charlie Blackmon has been a consistent presence in the Rockies' lineup for the past 11 years. Although he no longer plays in the outfield, he remains part of the everyday lineup as the team's designated hitter. Since his debut in 2011, Blackmon has proven to be one of the Rockies' most reliable hitters, consistently delivering in clutch situations. With an impressive track record, he is sure to be inducted into the Rockies Hall of Fame and may even join Larry Walker as the team's only MLB Hall of Famers.

In his career, Blackmon is a four-time all-star and has a chance to be selected to his fifth all-star game for the Rockies as the 11-year veteran is set to turn 37 on July 1. During his career, he has been a .296/.354/.485 hitter with 212 home runs, 735 RBI's, 300 doubles, an organization high of 60 triples, 138 stolen bases and over 1600 hits proving to be one of the best hitters in baseball over the last decade.

Blackmon is in the final year of a six-year $108 million contract he signed in 2018. While the future for Blackmon is uncertain right now, it could be likely that this year is his final year in baseball.

The Rockies have some tough decisions to make as the trade deadline is approaching on Aug. 1. and the team should be sellers as they are currently dead last in the National League with a record 29-48 and have consistently ranked at the bottom of the MLB Power Rankings every week. While it is only June, the season is slipping away from the Rockies, and they will likely be eliminated from postseason contention in late Aug. or early Sep. It would be wise to trade away any player on a one-year contract who is unlikely to return next year to strengthen the team. Instead, the focus should be on building around the ongoing 2023 youth movement by bringing in more young players to the organization.

Fans are facing a big dilemma regarding Charlie Blackmon's future: should he finish the season as a member of the Rockies or should he be traded to a contender for a chance to win a World Series and retire at the top?

Earlier this week, the Rox Pile asked fans on Twitter whether the Rockies should trade Blackmon or not and the results were split 50/50. Fans know it would hurt to see him in another uniform as they can't imagine such a thing, but are also aware that he is at the end of his career and would have an opportunity to win a World Series.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to this decision that may be difficult for fans to accept. To provide clarity, I have compiled a list of the pros and cons.


Dealing Blackmon would not be easy for the organization or fans but, he has been nothing but the ultimate clubhouse guy for the Rockies and the reality is, he has only reached the playoffs twice in his career (2017 and 2018). Throughout his career, he has been a player that has always played his heart out night in and night out and has given his all to the Rockies. Blackmon has also been one of the best hitters in the organization as he ranks among the top 3 in the Rockies major hitting categories joining iconic names like Walker and Todd Helton.

There are several benefits to trading Blackmon before the deadline. Firstly, he could potentially play for a team favored to win the World Series such as the Atlanta Braves or Tampa Bay Rays, and secure himself a spot in the Hall of Fame by winning a championship. Alternatively, he could return to his hometown team, the Texas Rangers who lead the American League West with a record of 46-28 as they are seeking the organizations as they are seeking their first World Series championship giving Blackmon the chance to return home to Dallas Texas where he was born and would be a hero in his hometown.

Charlie Blackmon
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If the Rockies were to make such a move, it would be reminiscent of the Seattle Mariners' decision in 2012 to trade Ichiro Suzuki to the New York Yankees. This controversial trade ended up benefiting Ichiro, as he was able to play in the postseason for the first time in his career on a team that was a legitimate World Series contender. Despite the Yankees' best efforts, they were ultimately swept in the ALCS by the Detroit Tigers. While Ichiro surprised everyone by continuing to play until 2019, it's unlikely that Blackmon would have the same longevity. However, with some postseason success, Blackmon could extend his career, and the Rockies would be doing right by him.


Moving on from career organizational players is never easy for any franchise and is something fans, players and the front office never wants to see. The idea of Blackmon playing in another uniform could be sickening for any Rockies fan, especially if he was suiting up in Dodger blue.

It is unknown if Blackmon will be traded before the trade deadline, but if given the opportunity it would be likely he'll go to an organization that is a major contender. While uncertain, Rockies fans have seen this story before like in 2004 when the team traded Larry Walker to the St. Louis Cardinals. Walker went on to achieve great success in the postseason with the Cardinals, including a trip to the World Series in 2004. Despite ultimately losing to the Boston Red Sox 4-0, this victory broke the curse of the Bambino that had haunted baseball since 1918. It might be uncomfortable for everyone to see Blackmon succeed with another team, especially if he were to be traded to the Yankees and forced to shave his beard and cut his hair.

If traded, it could be sickening to fans to see Blackmon suit up for another team as it is hardly unimaginable. Also, it could be even harder watching him hoist the World Series Trophy in Oct. with another team knowing he should've won one with the Rockies during his career. Seeing iconic players win with other teams is never a pretty sight, it's an understandable table but definitely feels uneasy, just ask the Baltimore Orioles last year as they traded Trey Mancini to the Houston Astros and would eventually win a championship together.

Another con of trading Blackmon would be the team might not get a decent asking price for the former All-Star as the team could receive lower-graded prospects and if he were to retire at the end of the season, we wouldn't see him finish his career in the mile high city.


This would be a conversation between Blackmon and general manager Bill Schmidt. Regardless what the outcome would be Rockies fans should stand by Blackmon and cheer him on no matter where he finishes the 2023 season.